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  • Vigil professional trustee services will be dependably consistent and fully attentive even in the unforeseen future. The fact is you don’t know what else might be happening in your friend’s life at the moment he or she is called upon to act as your trustee. Other priorities in their life may make trustee duties an overwhelming burden or distract them from giving the job the time and attention it requires.
  • Vigil is independent of any relationships within your family, allowing for objective decisions that balance the interests of all affected parties and avoiding uncomfortable conflicts between your private trustee and your family members over courses of action that need to be taken.
  • The comprehensive trust expertise included in Vigil’s fee reduces or may completely eliminate the cost of other professional services an inexperienced trustee may need to hire. At the same time, it assures that professional advice is coordinated – that everyone is working together on an integrated approach.
  • Vigil’s objectivity avoids emotional bias that a family friend may bring to judgment decisions, such as approving or disallowing discretionary distributions. The professional can be “blamed” for unpopular decisions.
  • Vigil’s years of experience assures your Trust will be administered without the costly mistakes commonly made by inexperienced trustees.

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